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In this case, punters who backed the Sharks would win 55c for every Rand they bet. So a R100 bet would return R55, plus your original stake of R100. Anyone who bet on Western Province would get R150 for every R100 bet. We’ll get into that more in other pieces, but the heavier the team, player, situation or bet in general is favored to succeed, the higher the negative money line. Fractional odds of 1/2 and decimal odds of 1.5 are also equivalent in this scenario.

This handy guide will walk you through everything you need to know when placing an odd/even bet. This run-through is designed to help you understand the odd or even meaning in betting, when it is best to use this tactic, and how to make a profit where possible. We will also give you a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of odd or even goals wagers. Odds show how much money you will win, if you bet on an event to happen. The higher the odds are, the more you will win, relative to your stake.

If a money line shows +400 this means for every £100 stakes you will win £400, this is equivalent to 4/1 in fractional or 5.0 in decimal. The favoured odds format in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Effectively anywhere where you drive in kilometres per hour bookies will use decimal odds. Luckily decimal odds are not too hard to understand and once you have encountered them a few times it is easy to convert from decimal to fraction in your head. Betting companies based in Europe in particular will generally provide odds in decimal format by default, and this can make calculating fixed odds prices a little difficult to the uninitiated.

Combo Bets – where you can combine multiple markets in one bet such as both team to score and odd/even or 1X2 and odd/even. If all the 6 matches end with an even number of goals , the accumulator bet wins, and our expenses are partially covered. Statistic is the key to win on odd/even betting market as they provide you trends about how different teams are performing. When you’re examining the odds, it’s quite easy to figure out who is the favorite and who is the underdog. The favorite is the option with the smallest number on the board and that includes negative numbers. Colorado legalized in-person and mobile sports betting November 2019 after a bill was signed by the governor and then approved by voters.

When a point spread is attached to a set of odds it means that for the bet to be successful the team must ‘cover the spread’. This means that the team you are betting on must win or not lose by a predetermined margin of points. The odds or amounts the bookmaker will pay are determined by the total amount that has been bet on all of the possible events. They reflect the balance of wagers on either side of the event, and include the deduction of a bookmaker’s brokerage fee (“vig” or vigorish). A study on soccer betting found that the probability for the home team to win was generally about 3.4% less than the value calculated from the odds (for example, 46.6% for even odds). It was about 3.7% less for wins by the visitors, and 5.7% less for draws.

Let’s say the New York Giants are facing the Washington Redskins in a regular season NFL game. The Giants are at odds of -110 to cover the betting line of -3.5 points. You’ve done your research and have determined the Giants are a 60% chance to cover the -3.5 betting line. As 60% is greater than 52.4%, you have found what is commonly referred to as a ‘value bet’.

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